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MainEquipment: ThemainslidewithtungstencarbidematerialprotectionMicrocomputerAuto-CheckingSafetyDevices.AirClLitchbrakeSystem.AutomaticScrewConveyor.TheSolidCut-OffDieAndKnifeSystem.24BytesComputerInv
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Product Description
Main Equipment:
The main slide with tungsten carbide material protection
Microcomputer Auto-Checking Safety Devices.
Air ClLitch brake System.
Automatic Screw Conveyor.
The Solid Cut-Off Die And Knife System.
24Bytes Computer Inverter Group.
(Control Motor Limltless Variable speed)
Manutacture Farticularly very short special botte that own not be done with transter fingers.
Closed bush out knife mochanlsm,blanks are grtpped by openling of the transfor fingers.
To facllitate the adjuetment of #1,#2,#3,K,O,Dle,Indapandent adjueting mochamen is used
The trandfor openling cams operated by gear assure good pracision of the blank transfer at high speed
Equlppod with a compulerized procoos controller,that assure the safety of the machine and excellent quality


Model Max Cut-Off Dia
Max Cut-Off Length
Productin Speed
P.K.O Stroke
K.O Stroke
Main Motor
Cut-Off Die Dia
Main Die Dia
Die Pitch
Punch Die
Machine wt
Nornal Size of Bolt
Shank Length Of Blank
Forging Load
HBF-323 Ø3 35 100-150 5 ① 25
② 20
60 3 Ø 15 ① Ø22*50L
② Ø34.5*54L
34 ① Ø 18*52L
② Ø 23*52L
③ Ø 24*52L
1,600 0.8-3 2-20 10,000


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